Petro Sasnyk Architect
Multidisciplinary Solutions Architect, Engineering Manager, Technical Product Manager with experience in multiple business domains.
Nuget — managing binary artifacts with breeze.
Managing complexity of medium and large size projects. Decreasing dependencies and simplifying build complexity. Nuget usage patterns and practices.

Dmytro Bibikov PM and Scrum Master
Experienced PM and Scrum Master with BA background, I have a strong belief that Soft Skills are the key to improvement and success. Hope you won’t mind me bringing up some of those to you this time.
Adult Education, Coaching & Mentoring and Emotional intelligence

1-2-1 meetings
One more way to improve communication inside your team

Vladymyr Kramar C#/.Net Software developer
Software development is more hobby than work for me. I am always opened for talking any C#/.Net questions over.
C#/.Net: Common Mistakes & Controversial Topics
We have lots of controversial topics in C#/.Net. Let's discuss some of them together :)

Volodymyr Morozov .Net Software Engineer
Trying to solve software development challenges with non-conventional approaches since 2009.
Integration with MS Office: anger management
Issues you can face while implementing integration with MS Office.

Taras Dyvak .Net Software Engineer
.Net Software Engineer who works with WEB technologies for 6 years
Functional Programming in .Net
Functional programming is an important paradigm of programming that looks back on a long history. In recent years, more and more functional elements have been included in imperative languages on the .NET platform. Functional features have been introduced to C# and VB.NET, this shows a commitment on Microsoft’s side.

Oleksandr Valetsky .Net Developer
I have over 5 years of experience of development using Microsoft .NET technology stack and really like the infrastructure and ecosystem it provides. I’m focused on solving various problems that introduce real challenges in the field of software engineering.
Legacy .NET solutions upgrade - Short story about one project
I will be sharing my own experience about recently implemented huge legacy enterprise .NET solutions platform upgrade.

I have over 6 years of experience in IT industry. I took a part in implementation more then 8 software projects of various sizes, including full application design from scratch, working on SRS, FAS, issues detection, analysis and resolving, coding, performance, refactoring, maintenance and providing technical leadership.
App Domains in .Net
I will share my experience about problems in applications that work with AppDomains

I’ve been working at SoftServe as a PM for about 3 years, especially enjoy working with customers from Utah :)I totally agree with the thought: «In most cases being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way»I like to read business books on management and leadership, as well as science fiction and adventures.Fond of learning foreign languages and being able to practice them, currently on the way of learning French ;)A big lover of rock and blues, travelling to new places, hiking and photography.
Customer with many faces — dealing with them all
You can’t have a job without having customers, whether they are internal or external, they do exist. And often they’re not so ideal as we’d desired them to be. How to identify your customer type and respond appropriately, how to fix damaged customer relationship, tips and tricks to successful collaboration.