Pacemaker: .Net - 2015

Pacemaker: .Net, Chernivtsi, October 17

One more perfect day with SoftServers and guests – this is the slogan for the day!

Once again beautiful and this time sunny Chernivtsi gathered over 70 SoftServers and special guests in Horizont Business Hub to talk about .Net. A lot of us came from different DevCenters.

We began as always with registration, coffee and sandwiches.

Yevheniia Bereza (Project Coordinator, SDO) opened the conference with short speech and introduced the first speaker.

Stars of the day:

- It’s some kind of tradition to start the conference with Igor Fesenko (Technical Leader). He was talking about “Effective Memory Management: Memory Hygiene”.

Oleksandr Melnychuk followed Igor (Senior Software Engineer) with “.NET native runtime”.

Andriy Zakharko (Technical Leader) made speech about “Microservices: nanotechnologies in software architecture design”.

Bogdan Yurchak (former SoftServer, Freelancer) shared his knowledge in “Parallelism in .Net or how to juggle processes”.

Mykhaylo Stepanyak (Senior Software Engineer) presented his view of “ORMs for .NET”.

Stepan Novikov (Abiliton Application Architect) blow our minds with “Artificial neural networks: areas of use and learning methods on base of perceptron like network structure”.

Volodymyr Morozov (Technical Leader) dipped us into “Memento Errori”.

The auditory voted for Igor Fesenko as “the best speaker” of Pacemaker: .Net! It’s the second time.

Bravo Igor!

Happy and full of new knowledge we finished the day with pizza&beer party.

Many thanks to all of you! You made this conference and the whole day perfect J

Special thanks to Anastasiya Hiy (TMG, Professional Training Specialist), Natalie Semeniuk (HR Marketing Specialist) and Igor Gerich (Recruiter) for help and support.

Check out photos in Pacemaker Conference album at Facebook.

CYA at Pacemaker: Java, Ivano-Frankivsk, December 5.


Sincerely yours,

SDO and TMG teams


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