Andriy Zakharko Technical Leader
I'm a technical leader, speaker, coach, ping-pong/volleyball player, traveler, astronomy lover and Skoda driver. I'm pretty social person - you may find me in FB, LinkedIn and in the office (from 10:00 to .. ) at all most all working days
Microservices: nanotechnologies in software architecture design
Micro-services have made a lot of buzz nowadays, and I'm going to make things clear in this topic

Striving to continuous improvement
Effective Memory Management: Memory Hygiene
Memory management in .NET is an impressively complex process, and most of the time it works pretty well. However, it’s not flawless, and neither are we developers, so memory management problems are still something that a skilled developer should be prepared for. There are a lot of hidden gems that we should know to write code for performance-critical systems.

Oleksandr Melnychuk Software Engineer
Software developer since vb 6.0
.NET native runtime
What is .Net NativeHow to build native appNative app compilation behind the sceneRuntime restrictionsDebug is not the same as ReleasePerformance testsKnown issues

I am a developer who build a products with Microsoft technologies. Football lover addicted to powerlifting. Keeping an eye on books, nature and music.
ORMs for .NET
Find out the most powerful data access frameworks for .NETThe presentation is dedicated to discussing the latest releases of the NHibernate, Entity Framework and Dapper.Comparing NHibernate and Entity Framework.

I have 14+ years of experience in development of software projects, with more than 7 years’ experience with enterprise level system architecture acting as an architect/team lead. I have solid understanding and knowledge of object-oriented approach, software engineering principles and concepts. I have experience in leading projects, communication with clients, risk mitigation. I have performed analysis of customer environment, design strategies and technical architecture and project implementation. My primary focus were: the banking software (bank systems, credit card processing systems, etc); performance optimization in enterprise level systems; machine learning data science research for recognition/prediction
Artificial neural networks: areas of use and learning methods on base of perceptron like network structure
The key idea of a pattern recognition approach is to develop a computer system (CS) ability to adapt to the changes in environment to perform the tasks. You can do this by creating a basic set of samples of objects and actions in the world and a set of possible responses to them. Based on these sets of CS can build your own strategy or adapt of the existing one. Then CS can use it to perform tasks under the circumstances. Agenda: 1. Universal pattern recognition approach presentation 2. Practical experience for automation of detection of defects 3. First steps with big datasets (40k+ samples). Digit recognizer.

Development is my job and one of my hobbies ;)
Parallelism in .Net or how juggle processes
It will be presentation how to parallel work in .net. From simple .net TPL library and tasks examples to complex solutions with using Queue and service bus technology.

Volodymyr Morozov .Net Software Engineer
Trying to solve software development challenges with non-conventional approaches since 2009.
Memento Errori

There are always edge cases we should keep in mind.

There are not only mistakes we do, but also ones that others did.

And what should we definitely NOT do?