Pacemaker Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We were glad that Kyiv hosted our second conference of this year. Pacemaker Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning was a total experiment starting from the topic. This conference gathered academic and practical speakers under the same roof. The auditory was approx. 80 people, SoftServers from all over Ukraine and several external guests.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the trends of the last several years.

The people who made this day:

Andriy Radvanskyy (Senior Software Engineer, Lviv) made the first speech about Fuzzy signatures for email spam filtering.

Igor Kostiuk (Former SoftServer, Kyiv) shared with the auditory his passion to Deep learning for audio classification. The story has begun at SoftServe and continued with his current company.

Taras Hnot (Senior Data Analyst, Lviv) made a presentation about Qualitative content analysis sharing the amazing world of playing with statistics.

Iryna Viblei (Data Architect in BI and Big Data CoE, Kyiv) told us about Data Lakes and how they could provide us with fast insights. That was the last, but not the least speaker before the lunch, and Iryna closed the first practical part of this day.

Honored Valerii Dmitrienko (Dr. Tech. Sci., Professor, Kharkiv) made an academic speech with a promising name “Neural Networks of Adaptive Resonance Theory: advantages, disadvantages and prospects”.

Yuliya Glavcheva (Assistant Librarian of Scientific and Technical Library National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute», Kharkiv) followed Valerii Dmitrienko with an academic speech “Formation of the Text Corpus and Identification of Author Style in Academic Works”.

Khrystyna Skopyk (Computational Linguist at Grammarly, Kyiv) landed us with “Breaking the spell of the spelling check”. The auditory asked a lot of practical questions to find out more project details ;)

Victoriia Shevtsova (Developer for Intego Group LLC and Senior Lecture at National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, Kharkiv) continued the day with an academic speech “Methods of topological data analysis for studying the structure of multidimensional data

Tetiana Gladkykh (Data Scientist, Kharkiv) closed the conference day with “Rhythmic and acoustic patterns recognition for musical content recommendation” following it by a remarkable demo.

Khrystyna Skopyk became “the best speaker” of the Pacemaker: AI&ML!

We are thankful to all the participants and speakers who shared this day with us. This conference contained a lot of valuable theory/academic speeches provided by external speakers. We hope you like such experiments! 

If you have suggestions, comments or ideas about the topics, format or some improvements, please mail us. 

We (Yevheniia Bereza and Anna Trofymlyuk) would be happy to see you next time!  Check out photos in Pacemaker group on Facebook.

CYA! We are in a process of picking up the topic for the next conference. More details on the topic, date and host will be provided a bit later! 

Sincerely yours,

SDO and TMG teams


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