AR, VR and MR

Our second Pacemaker was devoted to AR, VR, and MR. This time we went to Kyiv. Almost 90 people came to share this day and topics with us.

We gathered speakers from Lviv, Kyiv, Dnipro, and Minsk with technical and marketing speeches.

This day was made by:

Semen Frish (R&D Team, Lviv) opened the conference day with “We ARe @ Exciting Times”.

Pavlo Nikitin (Team lead android developer VRG Soft, Dnipro) listed up “Tools for developing VR mobile applications” with their pros and cons. Also, he uncovered some features of his  product.

One more external speaker, Oleksandr Leuschenko (Head of Mobile Stack in Ciklum Solutions, Founder of ARLE, Dnipro) made some kind of discussion on AR with useful examples from his previous experience in “VR/AR for mobile devs” speech.

This time, we decided to play a bit with AR/VR. Our R&D Team provided us with several apps and masks to dive into an amazing world of augmented and virtual reality.

Oleh Gavrilyuk, one more speaker from SoftServe Company (R&D Team, Lviv) made a presentation about “Natural AR design”, how to make AR apps comfortable for users.

Yaraslau Kot (Researcher at Национальный институт образования, Минск, Commettee on Biomedical ethics at РНПЦ of Neurology and Neurosurgery and Senior Lecturer at Belarusian State University, Minks) opened the world of AR/VR technologies in Belarus and shared his contacts with the most successful companies of his country and the whole world.

Teodor Romanus (R&D Team, Lviv) presented the last version of Tustan Castle app in “Augmented Reality and Medieval Castle: How we did it”. Guys faced  a lot of challenges on their way to the ideal.

Alexandra Radchenko (Head of Research Department at Playtestix and Project manager, Researcher at Playtestix, Kiyv) closed the conference with a research on “The ways to overcome motion sickness in VR. In-game and out-game adaptation.”

“The best speaker” of the Pacemaker AR,VR and MR became Yaraslau Kot. Congrats to him!

I hope our next Pacemaker: Mobile/Game Development is going to be as useful and interesting as always!

If you have suggestions, comments, or ideas about the topics, format, or some improvements, please mail us.

We (Yevheniia Bereza and Anna Trofymlyuk) are making these conferences for you!  Check out photos in Pacemaker group at Facebook. Videos are available here.

Cya! More details on the date and host of the next conferences, you’d get a bit later!


Sincerely yours,

SDO and TMG teams


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