Alexandra Radchenko Head of Research Department at Playtestix and Project manager, Researcher at Playtestix
I am game-lover, game-researcher and game-improver in Playtestix, that working on the market over 5 years. Totally my portfolio includes more than 150 projects of worldwide market. I have worked with different platforms (PC, Mobile, Console, VR), countries (CIS, America, Europe, Asia) and genres from casual to hardcore. Also the experience consist of marketing researches, business strategic planning, PhD articles, target audience and user research.
The ways to overcome motion sickness in VR. In-game and out-game adaptation.
Is VR adaptation possible: how to overcome motion sickness? Guide based on VR research with real people involvement. We took different platforms and devices for the test for the best accuracy. Exploring the health effect on the long terms: various groups of people of a wide age range to study adaptation to VR. We figured out how does the VR platform and different mechanics influence on the UX through.

Oleh Gavrilyuk R&D Intermediate
I am passionate AR and VR Developer working on integration of peoples engagement in cutting edge technologies.
Natural AR design
We will talk about augmenting reality and how to do it following usual comfort interactions. How misuses of standard principles may lead to uncomfortable or mixed experience. In speech I would come to origins of AR Money project and how we were implementing this guidelines in it.

Yaraslau Kot Researcher at Национальный институт образования, Минск, Commettee on Biomedical ethics at РНПЦ of Neurology and Neurosurgery and Senior Lecturer at Belarusian State University
PhD, MBA, MPsych. Game Developer. Researcher. Lawyer. Psychologist. Business Consultant. Business owner. Experienced Visiting Lecturer. Author of over 100 books and academic articles all over the world. Over 1000 projects all over the world. Over 5000 lectures and speeches all over the world. In Game Development Industry since 96!
What is VR and what are it's faces. Some less popular types of VR. How VR affects human being. Possibilities: present and future of VR.

Teodor Romanus Research Engineer
I’ve beed working with AR and VR for over a year now, resulting in a lot of demos and prototypes. Main direction: Mobile AR. Recently, we finalized TUSTAN AR projected, resulted in public demo release to App Store and Google Play, which is now available for public use at Tustan.
Augmented Reality and Medieval Castle: How we did it
How to recreate medieval castle in Augmented Reality, ride over 100 km in heat summer and cold winter in mountains to test it, fight down all bugs and finally open source the project?

Pavlo Nikitin Team lead android developer VRG Soft
Coming soon
Tools for developing VR mobile applications
The Speech will reveal the basic fundamentals of Virtual Reality content and the features of working with it, as well as the example of its own product, will tell you about the pitfalls that can arise when creating a VR application.

Semen Frish VR Engineer
I've developed my first game for ZX Spectrum console when I was 12 years old. I'm one of the first Ukrainian flash developers, keynote speaker and host of UAFPUG, speaker on FlashGAMM, Lviv GameDev, GameMixer and De:coded conferences, contributor to Gamasutra. I have been developing games for living since 2005. I've solely coded 31 games client part in about a year while managing a team of 6 people. I'm waiting for Virtual Reality era to come since 1997 VX-1 Helmet and Descent 2 game. Now it's a time of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality and I'm working on Interactive xR R&D projects to make it happen faster. I've developed demos for Oculus Rift and Vive on PC, Google Cardboard on iOS and GearVR on Android with Unity C# and Unreal Engine C++ and worked on kind of AAA game for VR. I've got featured on Gamasutra's main page with Virtual Reality for Developers and Engineers post and got 92% upvotes in r/gamedev on reddit. Now I'm in R&D to support innovations and immersive tech.
We ARe @ Exciting Times
I have not written article/blog posts for a year or so. A lot of time, digging on new or just new for me technologies supporting and interconnected with trending and hyping augmented reality. In short exciting times are now, a lot of visual and spatial technologies for ages considered impossible or unstable go live one by one faster and faster.

Oleksandr Leuschenko Head of Mobile Stack in Ciklum Solutions, Founder of ARLE
I’ve been working with mobile devices since iPhones had TN matrix, Android drained battery and Windows Phone was cool. I am a certified cross-platform mobile developer, passioned in AR person, public speaker on mobile and VR/AR-related topics.
VR/AR for mobile devs
Augmented reality has started its way to conquer the world. No doubt, this technology will blow the market. Right now it’s hard to believe, but AR devices may become even more popular than smartphones! Should we, as mobile developers, worry about that? Is Apple’s vice president for iOS marketing right that Apple’s competitors are trying to mimic what they’ve done so far? Is it so hard to develop for all popular AR/VR platforms? Is it even possible to port your mobile app to AR/VR? Let’s discuss that during my talk!