Nazar Tymoshyk Security researcher, Certified Ethical Hacker, Ph.D.
Security researcher, Certified Ethical Hacker, Ph.D. In love with Security, Mountains, Ukraine, Paragliding, Rock climbing and bride.
Virtual Machine Introspection - future of the Cloud.
My speech will be about Virtual Machine Introspection - new highly demanded technology that is changing existing cloud and security management approaches. I shall make demonstration of working prototype, describe how NSA can extract data from Amazon instances, how this technology can be helpful for security companies to catch hackers and show newest malware samples.

John Daily Technical Evangelist
Build cloud infrastructure for Riak.
Build cloud infrastructure for Riak.

Petro Sasnyk Architect
Multidisciplinary Solutions Architect, Engineering Manager, Technical Product Manager with experience in multiple business domains.
Amazon Web Services OpsWorks. State of the affairs.
Automate your application full lifecycle with AWS OpsWorks. Learn how to provision AWS resources, configure them, deploy your application and monitor their health. Presentation will be supplemented with real-world practical example.

To lock-in or not to lock-in.
How and when to avoid vendor lock-in and describe popular alternatives to Amazon Web Services specific services, pros and cons of using different approaches. Sometimes we thoughtlessly selecting some services without thinking about implications, lets talk about this.

Operation OpenStack Wizard.
OpenStack is Key to a Hybrid World.
OpenStack platform overview. Most significant benefits. Hints and tricks.

Anton Pogoryelyi Technical Leader
Operations Engineer at SoftServe. In IT working for over 10 years, certified Microsoft, Cisco and Linux professional. Interested in cloud technologies, security and gadgets.
Cloud Issues and Challenges
Cloud computing is very flexible, but it contains a lot of hidden points. Your architecture should be ready to cloud. I want to share our experience in taking care about cloud issues and challenges we faced using AWS since 2008.

Serhii Borysov Application/Solutions Architect with leadership experience in designing innovative business solutions for different kind of Clients
High Load solutions and Cloud platforms adept. Lives in Amazon Cloud.
One Click to Clouds. Cloudify.
Cloud aggregation services on Cloudify example.