Anton Pogoryelyi Technical Leader
Operations Engineer at SoftServe. In IT working for over 10 years, certified Microsoft, Cisco and Linux professional. Interested in cloud technologies, security and gadgets.
AWS security

Dmytro Batiievskyi Technical Leader
Software Engineer
Building infrastructure with Apache Mesos

Roman Mykhailiuk Intermediate Software Engineer
Working at SoftServe for 5 years, participated in getting the client from some kind of chaos to 500 releases a day.
Windows-specific deployments

Serhii Poletykin Abiliton-PRO Junior Software Engineer
AppDynamics introduction

Orchestration and Autoscaling in OpenStack

Vladyslav Cherednychenko Junior Software Engineer
Using Cassandra in DevOps practice

Sergii Klymenko Junior Software Engineer
Simple guy who likes his job
Splunk Overview

Bohdan Brailov Intermediate Software Engineer
Methodology? Philosophy? Profession? 
Doesn't matter. 
Business loves DevOps and moves it to the future.
Distributed cloud monitoring

Serhii Borysov Application/Solutions Architect with leadership experience in designing innovative business solutions for different kind of Clients
High Load solutions and Cloud platforms adept. Lives in Amazon Cloud.
DevOps and Business