Serhii Shuliar Intermediate Software Engineer
Software engineer that works in DevOps methodology stack
HashiCorp tools integration
HashiCorp tools integration. Packer, Terraform, Vault, Consul

Bohdan Brailov Intermediate Software Engineer
Methodology? Philosophy? Profession? 
Doesn't matter. 
Business loves DevOps and moves it to the future.
Continuous Learning or DevOps as Future of Software
Last news from global DevOps movement and why business loves this way.

Leonid Chetverikov Intermediate Software Engineer
coming soon
pip2rpm Managing pip in an RPM environment
Managing pip in an RPM environment

Roman Mykhailiuk Intermediate Software Engineer
Working at SoftServe for 5 years, participated in getting the client from some kind of chaos to 500 releases a day.
«Eat your own dog food» concept in delivery tooling
What would be the best way to ensure your developers can deliver their code into production without any issues? Of course - deliver your tools the same way they do! I'll demo delivery workflow developed from scratch and tell about the challenges we faced while getting there.

Borys Drozhak Technical Leader
DevOps Engineer at Cisco
Why do you think your DevOps works?
What if what we are doing doesn't help and we really do not know how to track our work. So, how DevOps engineer should establish his or his team KPI metrics?

Vadym Mashkov Intermediate Software Engineer
Linux Software Engineer/DevOps
pip2rpm Managing pip in an RPM environment
Help Leonid (answers for rpm specific questions)

Serhii Borysov Application/Solutions Architect with leadership experience in designing innovative business solutions for different kind of Clients
High Load solutions and Cloud platforms adept. Lives in Amazon Cloud.
DevOps Predictions for the Future
As we are move closer to 2018, it is becoming more obvious that DevOps is becoming mainstream, with many large organizations getting on board with DevOps.

Sergii Klymenko Junior Software Engineer
Simple guy who likes his job
TeamCity in CI/CD pipeline
I'll talk about TeamCity in general, its part in CI/CD pipeline. Also I'll tell about integration with code analyzing tool (Sonar), artifacts storage like Artifactory etc.