Kyrylo Masiuk Intermediate Software Engineer
DevOps Engineer with experience in the design and implementation of fully automated CI/CD pipelines, managing cloud-based technology, and DevOps processes. Last projects connected with a Kubernetes: managed installations, on-premise at CGP and bare-metal.
Istio: one to rule them all
We will talk about Istio: how it can help you, and how it can add new pain in your life

Dmytro Shapovalov Senior Infrastructure Engineer in Cossack Labs
Dmytro Shapovalov began his career in 1996, as a software developer. Spent over 13 years working as the Senior Network Administrator in a large Ukrainian Internet service provider. For a long period of time he architected and supported high availability projects, commercial virtualization platforms.
Delivering security products without shooting in a foot
We will talk about improving the infrastructure for developing, testing and delivering security tools. Our experience of smoothing the difference between security idealism and engineering friendliness.

Vitalii Turovets SAG Associate (DevOps)
Solutions Architect certified as AWS SA Pro, GCP Pro, and CKA. I have worked on different size and complexity projects, from simple network and cloud migrations to Greenfield Serverless solutions. My main interests include (but are not limited to) Go, CNCF stuff, HashiCorp stuff, Public/Private Clouds and Networking.​
Challenges at the Serverless Edge
Things we've faced developing a greenfield Serverless project for the Edge including use cases, problems and our solutions to them. ​

Borys Drozhak Engineering productivity expert at DataRobot
In a sphere for more than 8 years. Have been working on a product/outsource/scaleout and even support thing. Mostly, excited about lean manufacturing methodologies and TOC. I think DevOps is the future. Only these guys can be really Full Stack ;)
Engineering Productivity as DevOps goal
DevOps happened as a reaction to business demand to accelerate software development production. The current demand drives the community even further. What can we do for R&D productivity? How can we improve the whole thing? I'm going to tell my story. How an ordinary devops started a new institution to cover Engineering Productivity in a very productive environment.

Oleksandr Mykhalchuk Senior Solutions Architect(DevOps)
Certified AWS, GCP, Azure architect. He is working in IT as Systems Architect, DevOps, Network Engineer, and System Administrator for about 13 years in total. He built multiple projects for World-known automobile, hospitality and trade companies. Experienced in numerous application platforms, networks, security, virtualization, and Clouds. He knows how get it right from the first try.
10 Ways to Fail at DevOps. Cloud Edition
10 fundamental things that will save your job and your company. Things to look for, tools to chose, how to sleep more and how to avoid hard fails in Clouds. 

Taras Postument DevOps/Backend engineer @ GetSocial, a Keywords Studio
I tend to think of myself as active enough Open Source contributor, however, not sure if it is true. 
Passionate about Golang and all kinds of automation.
Pipelinify your Jenkins builds
Let's talk about Jenkins pipelines, its pros and cons, and some real-world use cases.