Alex Mekhovov Ruby on Rails Developer
Alex - Ruby on Rails Developer at SoftServe. Drive Ruby Courses in SoftServe IT Academy. Involved in creating and growing Ruby Community in Ukraine. Lives in Dnipro.
Sinatra: Sing with me this ditty
What is Sinatra? Site: up and running. Deploy - in a minutes. DB - just use it. Sinatra: more.

Veronika Dudnik Web Developer
Veronika - Web Developer at SoftServe. Lives in Dnipro.
HSPS project: Sencha touch
Welcome to B-Pro. On the intersection of several roads. What is Sencha touch. Sencha touch in our motion. Advantages. Nobody is perfect. Review our project.

Yura Bogdanov Engineer
Yura - Engineer and co-founder Lives in Kyiv.
NodeJS: Inside
Intro. Node.js - about technology and its features. Scaling NodeJS. Redis. MongoDB. Deployment.

Vladimir Vorobyov Ruby Developer
Vladimir - Co Founder, Ruby developer, TeamLeader RubyGarage. Lives in Dnipro.
How to test JavaScript with Jasmine
Jasmine basics. Backbone testing.

Dima Tarasenko JS Developer
Dima - JavaScript Developer at SoftServe. Lives in Lviv.
Scalable JS Applications
CSS, HTML and JS History. OOP in JavaScript. MVC. Layers. Best Practices.

About reusable layer in our project

Anton Bodnar Web Developer
Anton - Web Developer at SoftServe. Lives in Chernivtsi.
Mobile Web Application: case study
Application structural framework: Backbone. Using EJS-templates. Using SCSS.

Technologies in our project

Opposite side of Web project

Volodymyr Pavlyuk JS Developer
Volodymyr - JavaScript Developer at SoftServe. Lives in Lviv.
JS Application Architecture
Architecture of JavaScript Applications.

Quick overview. Problem/Sovle example

Andriy Zakharko Technical Leader
I'm a technical leader, speaker, coach, ping-pong/volleyball player, traveler, astronomy lover and Skoda driver. I'm pretty social person - you may find me in FB, LinkedIn and in the office (from 10:00 to .. ) at all most all working days
About project

Dmytro Ovcharenko Solutions Architect
I have over 10 years of experience in IT industry. Strong experience in web enterprise systems (clustering, distribution, resilience, failover). I have strong experience in OOD, OOP, component design, and design patterns. I have strong understanding of the object-oriented concepts and design patterns. Most of my technological expertise lies in the area of WEB/Mobile technologies.I have good understanding Service Oriented concepts and experience with Agile, Scrum, XP, RUP, and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). 
Be prepared to changes

Sergii Kifiak Web Developer
 Sergii - Web Developer at SoftServe. Lives in Chernivtsi.
Mobile Web Application: case study
Offline Web Application Architecture. Building an Application with the Closure Library. iScroll or not iScroll. HTML5 features. Local Storage. Cashing. Canvas.