Dmytro Voloshko Technical Leader
Dmitry - Java Developer at SoftServe. Lives in Dnipro.
Grails. Barrel of honey...
Grails is one of the most flexible and most powerful frameworks on The Java Platform. Grails leverages the flexibility offered by the platform in a way that other web frameworks do not. The following presentation will take you from knowing nothing about Grails to implementing a full Grails application - all in a matter of minutes!

Vitaliy Bashun Software developer
Software developer passionate about the Big Data.
MapReduce and Hadoop
MapReduce - history, what and why. Hadoop - code samples and live run. Cloudera insights

Is ORM a Friend or an Enemy?
A few words about the best and the worst practices of ORMs using

Vadim Mikhnevych Team leader
Team leader, 9+ years of Java experience. Has been working at Softserve since 2013.
Messaging with Spring-Integration
A verbose introduction on what Spring Integration is, when, where and why use it, and some brief examples of how to do this.

Serhiy Yakovyn TechLead
TechLead at SoftServe
Mule ESB: Make integretation easy
In my presentation I'm going to cover Mule ESB CE (Community Edition) features and how it can be used to qickly integrate different data providers with data consumers

Yurii Bilyk Manual Penetration Tester
Manual Penetration Tester at SoftServe
SSL/POODLE: History repeats itself.
Explanation of POODLE attack. Some small cryptography intro background why POODLE exists. Diving into Padding Oracle attack and examples where it could be found. How-to mitigate POODLE on the serve/client side.

Not programmer but developer at SoftServe. Worked my way from desktop developer to web developer. Involved in offline web application development for 3 years.
How mobile app can save your life, but not
What kind of issue you may face if you decide to make mobile hybrid from you web application.

Bohdan Serednytskyi Manual Penetration Tester, CEH
Bohdan is Manual Penetration Tester at SoftServe, CEH, conducting Web-Application Security Assessments, Penetration Testing, Mobile Application Security Assessments and SDLC projects. Spoke at IT Arena, Bsides Kyiv, OWASP Wroclaw Meetup, Security Hole and Pacemaker.
Ready, A.I.M., Inject!
Injections are #1 in OWASP TOP 10 Web Applications Security Vulnerabilities. We will look inside SQL-injections, practice in it and get to know how to mitigate them.

Orest Ivasiv Software engineer
Orest - passionate software engineer at SoftServe interested in different programming languages, pragmatic approaches and performance boost practices. Co-organizer of itbooze. Lives in Ivano-Frankivsk.
When Camel Smiles
This session will introduce the basics of Apache Camel. It shows how Camel it related to Enterprise Integration patterns. And how to start development quickly with Java DSL avoiding boilerplate mantra