Yurii Shuliga Solutions Architect
Working in Java fileds over 7 years. Experienced in building either high-load and lightweight Java services for retail and health care markets.
Microservices and No-AppServer applications with JavaEE

Borys Omelayenko SAG Associate
Borys Omelayenko works as an architect in SoftServe. He has more than a decade of international R&D experience with heterogeneous data.
Linking Data through Terminologies
In this talk we will discuss how different databases may be used in new contexts; that is achieved by linking them using terminologies, or special databases of reusable terms.

Mykola Guidash Software Engineer
I'm software engineer. I have been working with Java enterprise applications 4 years. Work with large-scale application development and complicated business logic, analytics and marketing systems. Now scala software engineer at game development project in N-iX.
Play is the most popular Scala web framework, as it is a part of the Typesafe Reactive Platform. General application structure, advantages and disadvantages of framework.

Artur Priz Intermediate Software Engineer, DevOps
DevOps engineer at SoftServe completely convinced that only fundamental IT knowledge can help to create good software product. Specialization on some framework/tool is not the way to go.
Pursuing AWS Whitepapers: Develop, Build, Test
AWS creators know well how to use their product. Main property of Cloud - Elasticity - can greatly change the way we do our release processes and make it simple. Let's see how they imagine this and is it possible to implement it in real enterprise.

Vadim Mikhnevych Team leader
Team leader, 9+ years of Java experience. Has been working at Softserve since 2013.
Mutation testing
Mutation testing is a good practice to improve unit tests quality. We'll discuss how it works and when it can be used.

Vitalii Holdysh Junior Software Engineer
Java/Groovy developer. While being Junior developer, took a big part in illuminating and solving problems on live environment.
Love & Hate with Splunk
It's very straightforward how to find a problem, if you know have a code and a debugger. But what if everything you have is only a logs?.. Splunk can be your first assistant in such situation.
The presentation is intended to make an overview of Splunk Enterprise architecture and usage.

Oleg Novosad Intermediate Software Engineer
Software Architect Asociate @ SoftServe Mobile Community Leader Launched multiple personal projects for different platforms, successfully failed mobile startup product and currently working on a new one
Java WebSockets
- What is a web socket?- How does a WebSocket Work?- Working with WebSockets in Java- Game example on WebSockets