Yuriy Chulovskyy
Create web app with AngularJS, Grails and MongoDB in 1 hour!
Alona Mekhovova
Using and scaling Rack and Rack-based middleware
Yehor Nazarkin
Building rich web application with Flask and Chaplin.js.
Andriy  Yudenko
Continious Integrations in big projects
Orest Ivasiv
Adventures of Java developer in Ruby world
Vadim Mateushev
Emotional intelligence

Lightning talks

Yevhen Yepanchyn
Code review: fisheye & crucible
Petro Sasnyk
Libreeze.com - life inside of startup
Kyrylo Buzykin
3D via JavaScript
Serhiy Yakovyn
Clojure. An uncommon view at multithreading