Pavlo Nikitin Team lead android developer VRG Soft
Coming soon
Flutter from Android developer point of view (Rus)
Speak little bit about Flutter and crossplatform development

Vladyslav Plotnikov CEO/Founder | Music Composer & Audio Producer at VP Production - Sound-Design
I am music composer, audio producer and founder of VP Production. I have over seven years of experience in sound-industry. My studio “VP Production” provides full-stack services: composing, creating of sound-effects, mixing, mastering, integration of audio-content and future maintenance of your project. But the most important thing to us is to make any media projects sound powerful and unique. With our help you can be sure that any game, film or advert will be even more outstanding!
Creating a soundtrack for the game: pros, cons and a little bit about stock music
1. The advantages of stock music and when it is rational to use it 
2. What will stock music never be able to make 
3. The purpose of the original soundtrack and how to use it in the game project 
4. How to avoid problems while working with a composer

Oleg Kalashnik Mixed Reality Developer
I'm a developer with 10 years experience. I have good skills in augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality development. I am working for SativaGames company in Kharkiv, we create a mixed reality experience for Microsoft Hololens and Magic Leap one.
2d Animation Rigging in Unity
The latest news about Unity's native 2D rigging and animation system. Learn more about 2d rigging development process and how you can create a skeletal animation for sprite in Unity.

Roman Samchuk Senior Developer
I am a developer with more than 8 years of experience in the game industry and an author of many training courses about game development using Unity, Multiplayer Games, Augmented Reality etc. Now I am working as CTO for the project on Blockchain and it enables me to present comprehensively all the opportunities, advantages, and features of Blockchain in the game industry.
Unity and Blockchain Development
The speech is about how Blockchain Ethereum can be used in the games made with Unity and the benefits it provides. In addition the speech will help you to understand Blockchain in general, features of the cryptocurrency world and their influence on the game industry.

Nick Urs R&D Senior
1. Technology Designer at SoftServe
2. 12 years experience in graphic design (2d/3d) 
3. “Dragon’s Games” - Founder/Owner 
4. 20 years experience in gaming 
5. Teaching experience in gamedev
How to start game development
It will be fun, reference on my old one presentation: 

 Short theses: 
1. Quick start 
2. Ninja way or what? 
3. Failures and challenges! 
4. Wish or reality, or both... 
5. Tips from professionals

Anatoly Tukhtarov iOS Developer at Ciklum
Through 5+ years of experience, I’ve learned to love iOS, but hate Xcode and Apple’s attitude toward​ developers.
Road to Nowhere: Functional Swift
In this topic, we'll take a glimpse look at functional programming concepts. We'll see how does Swift implement basic functional types, why is it difficult to write pure functions in Swift and how to make Optional calculations functional as they should be. Since this is a functional programming talk some math discussion will take place :)

Alexey Uslavtsev Game Producer
Alexey is an independent video game producer and designer. In the past, he established and managed a production studio for Gameloft in Minsk, also worked as an Executive producer for Room 8 Studio in Kiev. As an indie dev, Alexey shipped few titles.
Effective communication with Game Designers
Game Designers and representatives of other disciplines are often quite different personalities and there might be cases of miscommunication caused by different vision and priorities. In this talk, I will cover the best practices for effective communication between developers and game designers with personal examples and from Game Designer's point of view