Lyubomyr Demkiv Ph.D., Robotics Lead, SoftServe
I am leading the robotics group where, together with my colleagues, we work on development and control of hardware robots.
I am also a Co-Director of NATO SPS MYP Project G5176. My academic studies and research work are mainly related to intelligent control of dynamical systems.
ROS: standard (de facto) in robotics
Robotics field is constantly evolving, therefore, one of the main goals of the industry is reduction of the development time for robotics solutions. Among multiple platforms where robotics projects might be implemented, ROS is currently most mature and widespread. We will discuss whether it is possible to create the robotics projects from scratch in less then three month, and, if not, how many years should it take.

Oleksandr Chendekov CTO of "Ukrspecsystems"
I'm a CTO of "Ukrspecsystems" - the leading company in military UAS development in Ukraine.
Open Source autopilot software and ecosystems: current state and development
I will present an overview of the most active open source autopilot software - compatible hardware, current feature set, code structure, ecosystem and key development directions. What you have to consider choosing software for your new development? We will discuss the key differences between the most popular systems.

Viktor Sakharchuk Founder at RTW Robotics
I'm computer vision architect. I develop perception system for robotics
Towards Reliable Stereo for Robotic Vision
I will cover the importance of confidence metrics in stereovision and show practical cases of their usage in robotic perception

Serhii Khylevych Chief Production Officer of ComBat Vision
GameDev activities from 2001, GM roles from 2004, Game scripts Game designs/ fighting rule sets/, Cosplay rules/ Game sites design, Contributor and admin Tech community "Hell Drones " since 2015

Chief Production Officer of ComBat Vision 

Co-founder LARP researchers group “Crafters of UA LARP”, 2017
Robotic systems and control of them in Game dev practice
Review of challenges and aspects for robotics as part of the C4ISR based system. Practical examples and prospective approaches to development, the approach suggests developing the next set of technologies: 
3.4G based IoT, 
4. NbIoT 
7.Machine learning 

Yurii Moisieiev Senior Software Engineer (XR Group)
I am a technical specialist of 'XR Group' department at SoftServe who works with different XR hardware and develops innovative projects on it.
Surrogates. Remote reality
What is XR? Trends of extended reality and new ways of remote control. ROS from 'outside' and how we made that.

Maksym Levkivskyi Founder of Future Mechanics
coming soon
Robots: Starting with ore
Physics in robotics. "Future Mechanics" experience and a few industry issues

Michal Kramarczyk Robotics and Software Engineer
I'm a robotics and systems engineer, primarily focused on the software side of the robotics' field. Working as a software engineer at Shadow Robot Company
Sending touch across the globe: world's first haptic telerobot hand
I will be talking about a new robotic teleoperation system developed at Shadow Robot Company in cooperation with HaptX and SynTouch.