Rivne again!

It’s was the second time when Pacemaker Conference came back to Rivne, Rivne hosted the conference more than 3 years ago. This conference became true thanks to help and constant support of DevCenter Director Serhii Sydorchyk. Technical issues and two speaker on remote it’s not everything we have to overcome during this day.

We gathered in Rivne SoftServers from different location (Lviv, Dnipro, I.Frankivsk, Kyiv, Kharkiv and Chernivtsi). We came to listen to:

-      Volodymyr Serheiev opened the conference with Async Python. Sense of humor, technical terms and interesting topic hekped Volodymyr to insire the auditory in the morning.

-     - Nickolay Kofanov came to us from Kharkiv to speak about Zend Expressive. Nickolay made such a long way to involve Kharkiv PHP Community into the world of Pacemaker.

-     Maksym Shtyria shared his knowledge about V8. We can say that Maksym is an old salt of this conference. He made many speeches for us and became “best speaker” many times. Let’s see who is going to be this time ;)

-      After lunch Yevheniia Bereza updated the audience with Engineering Communities latest news. We launched Engineering Communities activity almost three years ago and here we are.

-      Unfortunately, this time Dmytro Ovcharenko did not come to us, but he made a speech about Stridepost ATAM remotely.

-     Yuriy Koryk is a first-timer on Pacemaker Conference, he shared his experience of using Mojolisious

-     One more first-timer, Bohdan Slipenkyi, from UI/UX office call the audience to use components in whatever you build.

-     Roman Uvarov made soft skill addition by “Effective On-Site? It’s easy!”  speech. Where he shared his onsite success stories and “better to know before you get there”.

-    Nodarii Varenko finish the conference with “Is TypeScript the future?” remote presentation.

This time “the best speaker” of Pacemaker was Maksym Shtyria! Keep on it!J

Chelentano hosted our loud and happy pizza party.

Pacemaker: DevOps invites you to Chernivtsi. Registration is here.

My deepest thanks to our team and the audience!

Special thanks to Anastasiya Hiy (TMG, Professional Training Specialist).

Check out photos in Pacemaker group at Facebook.

Join us at Pacemaker: DevOps, Chernivtsi, October 22.


Sincerely yours,

SDO and TMG teams


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