Borys Drozhak
Engineering productivity expert at DataRobot

In a sphere for more than 8 years. Have been working on a product/outsource/scaleout and even support thing. Mostly, excited about lean manufacturing methodologies and TOC. I think DevOps is the future. Only these guys can be really Full Stack ;)

Engineering Productivity as DevOps goal

DevOps happened as a reaction to business demand to accelerate software development production. The current demand drives the community even further. What can we do for R&D productivity? How can we improve the whole thing? I'm going to tell my story. How an ordinary devops started a new institution to cover Engineering Productivity in a very productive environment.

Why do you think your DevOps works?

What if what we are doing doesn't help and we really do not know how to track our work. So, how DevOps engineer should establish his or his team KPI metrics?

Terraform, real story

Cloud or service agnostic tool will help you manege you app or whole datacenter from one spot