Lyubomyr Demkiv
Ph.D., Robotics Lead, SoftServe

I am leading the robotics group where, together with my colleagues, we work on development and control of hardware robots.
I am also a Co-Director of NATO SPS MYP Project G5176. My academic studies and research work are mainly related to intelligent control of dynamical systems.

ROS: standard (de facto) in robotics

Robotics field is constantly evolving, therefore, one of the main goals of the industry is reduction of the development time for robotics solutions. Among multiple platforms where robotics projects might be implemented, ROS is currently most mature and widespread. We will discuss whether it is possible to create the robotics projects from scratch in less then three month, and, if not, how many years should it take.


The general concept of technique that is used to develop and test complex embedded systems will be introduced. The difference between MIL, SIL, PIL and HIL discussed. Some experiments in Matlab will be done.

Notice: Video contains 2 parts