Taras Hnot
Senior Data Analyst

I have been working at SoftServe Data Science Group since 2015. Since then, I have been specializing in performing data analysis and providing support in making complex business decisions based on it, building predictive models, performing data preprocessing and exploratory data analysis. have an experience in development of anomaly detection systems, analyzing and detecting patterns of huge payment networks, implementing different types of algorithms in order to build computer vision systems, doing NLP analysis etc.

Qualitative content analysis

Now people trying to build bots everywhere to simplify their life. One of the most used area for bots is chats. Bots can communicate with customers, promote products, solve issues or give recommendations regarding them. In one of our projects we were working on development of an AI-driven ChatBot that is able to recognise the topic of the chat conversation to maintain a nearly real-time content feed of relevant articles. Our solution is supposed to help different R&D and engineering teams conduct their research in a more efficient and productive way. In the presentation I will show examples, explain process of implementation, used approaches and data.