Iurii Garasym
Head of Corporate Security at ELEKS and President of Cloud Security Alliance Lviv Chapter

Iurii's professional goal is to make business survivable. He focuses on security program development / improvement based on emerging security solutions and integrate those into business goals, objectives, strategy and activities.

SOAPA - one more step forward in security technology integration

Organizations are using robust security tools to protect themselves. We know a lot of 3-letter words like EDR, MDM, DLP; some with 4 - SIEM, MSSP, and here is one in 5 - SOAPA :) Every new tool for responding to threats can overwhelm already overworked security teams. Integrating all of the tools and capabilities available is the key to defending your organization. Why we touch SOAPA if we have SIEM? It's an attempt to structure the thoughts, rise questions and find answers. Let's see what will happen in 2018.