Oleksandr Leuschenko
Head of Mobile Stack in Ciklum Solutions, Founder of ARLE

I’ve been working with mobile devices since iPhones had TN matrix, Android drained battery and Windows Phone was cool. I am a certified cross-platform mobile developer, passioned in AR person, public speaker on mobile and VR/AR-related topics.

VR/AR for mobile devs

Augmented reality has started its way to conquer the world. No doubt, this technology will blow the market. Right now it’s hard to believe, but AR devices may become even more popular than smartphones! Should we, as mobile developers, worry about that? Is Apple’s vice president for iOS marketing right that Apple’s competitors are trying to mimic what they’ve done so far? Is it so hard to develop for all popular AR/VR platforms? Is it even possible to port your mobile app to AR/VR? Let’s discuss that during my talk!