Alexandra Radchenko
Head of Research Department at Playtestix and Project manager, Researcher at Playtestix

I am game-lover, game-researcher and game-improver in Playtestix, that working on the market over 5 years. Totally my portfolio includes more than 150 projects of worldwide market. I have worked with different platforms (PC, Mobile, Console, VR), countries (CIS, America, Europe, Asia) and genres from casual to hardcore. Also the experience consist of marketing researches, business strategic planning, PhD articles, target audience and user research.

The ways to overcome motion sickness in VR. In-game and out-game adaptation.

Is VR adaptation possible: how to overcome motion sickness? Guide based on VR research with real people involvement. We took different platforms and devices for the test for the best accuracy. Exploring the health effect on the long terms: various groups of people of a wide age range to study adaptation to VR. We figured out how does the VR platform and different mechanics influence on the UX through.