Vladyslav Plotnikov
CEO/Founder | Music Composer & Audio Producer at VP Production - Sound-Design

I am music composer, audio producer and founder of VP Production. I have over seven years of experience in sound-industry. My studio “VP Production” provides full-stack services: composing, creating of sound-effects, mixing, mastering, integration of audio-content and future maintenance of your project. But the most important thing to us is to make any media projects sound powerful and unique. With our help you can be sure that any game, film or advert will be even more outstanding!

Creating a soundtrack for the game: pros, cons and a little bit about stock music

1. The advantages of stock music and when it is rational to use it 

2. What will stock music never be able to make 
3. The purpose of the original soundtrack and how to use it in the game project 
4. How to avoid problems while working with a composer