Vitaliy Bashun
Software developer

Software developer passionate about the Big Data.

Microservices Architecture. (Experience, best practices, open questions)

Microservice architecture is a quite new trend in architecture design. Despite the idea simplicity, there are many questions on how to do it right and which decisions should be avoided. Let's have a look at one project experience to see what works good, what does not work, and what is still unclear in the approach.

Hadoop components and SoftServe experience

MapReduce and Hadoop

MapReduce - history, what and why. Hadoop - code samples and live run. Cloudera insights

Is ORM a Friend or an Enemy?

A few words about the best and the worst practices of ORMs using

FlyWay - the agile database migration framework

How do you usually solve the problem of consistency between your code and your database schema? Is it really easy to manage that when you have hundreds of DB servers? Yes, it is! Stop writing those annoying, buggy scripts to check and update version. You have a tool for that!