Dmytro Voloshko
Technical Leader

Dmitry - Java Developer at SoftServe. Lives in Dnipro.

Grails. Barrel of honey...

Grails is one of the most flexible and most powerful frameworks on The Java Platform. Grails leverages the flexibility offered by the platform in a way that other web frameworks do not. The following presentation will take you from knowing nothing about Grails to implementing a full Grails application - all in a matter of minutes!

Powerful programming with Groovy/Grails

This session will demystify a lot of the magic that seems to be going on inside of a Groovy/Grails application. When Java developers are first introduced to Groovy one of the first things they notice is how much easier things are in Groovy compared to Java.

Smarter Testing with Spock

Spock?! State Based Testing. Data Driven Testing. Interaction Based Testing. Spock Extensions. More Cool Stuff.