Vlad Antipenko Frontend developer and Frontend Teacher at Beetroot Academy
Front-end developer, teacher of a front-end course, co-organizer of KharkivFrontend meetup and simply a good person
It is high time to look at the lighthouse
Let`s talk about bad web sites! How to understand that your project is bad? What to do with it? We will see instrument that can issues all our problems!

Mykhaylo Plesha Senior L&D Specialist
SoftServe IT Academy Mentor
Bazel - build apps at scale like Google
Bazel is Google’s open-source part of its internal build tool. The Angular framework itself is built with Bazel. Now it's a new feature in Angular to build own applications with Bazel. So, the talk is about Bazel: What's Bazel? Building applications with Bazel. The key advantages of Bazel.

Maksym Shtyria Solution Architect, Ciklum
I'm front-end developer with some expirience in developent and architecture
Non-functional requirements
I would like to talk about requirements in general and non functional requirements as part of whole picture. Developers usually use them   and think about them but quite rarely understand why we need it and how significantly hey influence on application architecture.

Oleg Novosad Intermediate Software Engineer
Software Architect Asociate @ SoftServe Mobile Community Leader Launched multiple personal projects for different platforms, successfully failed mobile startup product and currently working on a new one
Developing React Native apps for non-mobile engineers
The topic goal is to provide mobile specifics for both Android and iOS when developing React Native apps without using Expo. The plan is to cover minimum knowledge in Android / iOS required for React Native developer in order to engineer & deliver successful application. We will discuss building, configurations, profiling, debugging, third-party dependencies and much more from mobile native developer point of view.

Yevhen Kovalov Senior Software Engineer
Yet another developer which is passionate about web technologies
Web Performance - things you should care about
The web has made great progress in enabling fast experiences, but building a fast site today isn’t trivial. In this talk I want to guide you through common web performance bottlenecks and explain how to deal with them using best practices and tools such as Lighthouse.

Ivan Goncharov GraphQL guru
I'm the maintainer of graphql-js and active contributor to GraphQL Specification.
W.T.F. is GraphQL?
Recently, there is a lot of hype around GraphQL and you are probably wondering if it is a good fit for your project. In my talk, I want to demystify GraphQL by explaining what problems does it solve and how it works internally. I will show how to write requests and send them to the server and how they are executed under the hood. 

Oleh Lustenko Lead Software Engineer at AltexSoft
Lead Software Engineer at AltexSoft, lector, husband, father
Front-end architecture principles which we use
At this talk, I want to talk about increased over the years the complexity of projects and how developers should react to it. And make a short drive into projects architecture, from what point architecture should start, where it began, how it helps. Share common architecture approaches and how they mirror to Front-End. Review common modeling and design patterns. A short intro into DSL. Provide life-cycle scheme of what should be done at a project, and how to measure at which stage your project is. 

Vitalii Petrenko Zenwaycode
JS Master, Game Designer, Pixel Hunter, Retro Gamer. 
Have no idea what to write here.. 
Simply JS Master.
Apollo-11. To the GraphQL and Back
One small step for a mankind... 
To avoid Redux! 
Or how to use Apollo in your React Application.