Taras Kustov Web UI Developer
Yet another one Web UI peacemaker :)
Web Components: How It Will Be
1. Short intro to Web Components 2. Today's problems in Web UI 3. How Web Components should solve this problems

Dmytro Panov Technical Leader
SoftServe Software Engineer specialized on Ruby, JavaScript, Java, Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc.
From Startup to Enterprise on Rails
I am going to describe the way and technologies that we use on our project. And how we became more stable, highly available and efficient running Rails App with J2EE ecosystem.

Valentyn Maksymov Web developer
I've been enjoying building web application for more than 3 years. JavaScript is my passion, and high code health level is one of the biggest challenges I accepted and now trying to widespread it around.
Code health in JavaScript
We will define what code health is and what it can be eaten with in JavaScript.

Nikos Ananikov Front End Developer
I'm working as a Front End developer for more than 2.5 years and all this time I was working on a large project using JavaScript every day. I'm fond of it. I love JavaScript because of its abilities that develop every day. Browsers now are more than just hyper text markup language explorers. They are mad in their interaction varieties and extremely perspective. I love being Web UI developer.
Back side of the Moon? Or another one scripting language...
Let's talk for a while about something that is not a JavaScript. This is a scripting language too and it may bring you even more pleasure than JavaScript. I won't name it on purpose.

Dima Tarasenko JS Developer
Dima - JavaScript Developer at SoftServe. Lives in Lviv.
JavaScript Quest for programmers || Creating JS OOP library
I will share my thoughts on how useful to have JS OOP tool with the help of that you can easily build large and middle projects. Also I will describe details of creation such a tool on your own.

Nodarii Varenko Front-end developer
 I'm front-end developer and that is it.
Memory leaks in JS
1. Why should we care about that? 2. What memory leaks exist in JS? 3. When does value become "garbage"? 4. V8 Garbage Collector in detail. 5. Young & Old Generations. 6. Ways to find memory leak in your project.

Victor Tkachenko Web UI Engineer
I'm working as WebUI engineer for more than 1 year. I like JavaScript and everything related to it.
Lightweight framework for automation testing. It is a cool tool :)

Maksym Shtyria Solution Architect, Ciklum
I'm front-end developer with some expirience in developent and architecture
Sails.js - rail-way for nodeJS
A speech about new cool and very simple way to develop applications with using nodeJS and SPA. A few words about features of Sails.js and short demo.

Dmytro Ovcharenko Solutions Architect
I have over 10 years of experience in IT industry. Strong experience in web enterprise systems (clustering, distribution, resilience, failover). I have strong experience in OOD, OOP, component design, and design patterns. I have strong understanding of the object-oriented concepts and design patterns. Most of my technological expertise lies in the area of WEB/Mobile technologies.I have good understanding Service Oriented concepts and experience with Agile, Scrum, XP, RUP, and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). 
JS performance
I will share some experience about memory leaks problems in a huge SPA.

Kyrylo Buzykin Software Engineer
I've been a Software Engineer for 5 years and I still love every second of it. Been working on web-software for all this time. At first like a freelancer and then found myself as part of a large team. I am experienced in Procedure and OOP programming. Complex and long-term projects taught me to navigate through large source files written by other developers. People can call me a perfectionist, but I'm not. I'm a “rightist”. I do something until it's right, and then I move on to the next thing. I need to keep things done, need it physically and mentally.
Scalable JavaScript Application Architecture
During the presentation we discover how to build a modern Scalable JavaScript Application that scales for the challenges of today's complex web applications, using approved best practices.

Sergii Zabigailo Program Manager
I’m a HealthCare vertical Program Manager at SoftServe. Being an active member of SoftServe PMO community, Sergii is an expert on both theoretical and practical aspects of project management, with a particular success in PMs' evaluating and coaching, assisting them in establishing and maintaining projects lifecycle. Also Sergii is a true fan of GTD, TOC and Lean Kaizen.
7 Tips Every Geek Should Know
Having an excellent relationship with your leader can greatly improve your working ability and enhance your career success. - We will take a look on choosing the right communications method - How to get buy-in for the things you want - How to avoid typical mistakes in oral and written communication.