Maksym Shtyria
Solution Architect, Ciklum

I'm front-end developer with some expirience in developent and architecture

Non-functional requirements

I would like to talk about requirements in general and non functional requirements as part of whole picture. Developers usually use them   and think about them but quite rarely understand why we need it and how significantly hey influence on application architecture.

V8 - what's that

Each of us from time to time arguing about “my implementation is faster” or “I’m going to iterate array with decrement because it faster” and so on. I’m going to try to explain some basic things which developers from V8 used and it has to help understand deeper what’s wrong with your code for example or how it would be better to write it

No back-end way or

I want to tell you about cool possibility for fast and easy creating of UI application with low BE knowledge base.

Sails.js - rail-way for nodeJS

A speech about new cool and very simple way to develop applications with using nodeJS and SPA. A few words about features of Sails.js and short demo.